Wednesday, 20 July 2011



Holiday is for me, times to relax, to run and walk, visit new places, read and do crosswords. It is also a time to meet new people and to enjoy a new culture.

It was while relaxing and doing a crossword that the thoughts for this abstract began to emerge. I have always loved the play with words and how they can have so many different meanings, strange really considering that while a boy I found reading and writing very, very difficult.  I love the thoughts that words paint in the mind. I have always loved philosophy, and the way it makes you think beyond the obvious.

So I was doing a crossword, then I was thinking, cross words. So the first level of this painting is simply the play of the words you see on the canvas.

The second level came from the fact that a Crossword is a game. I added the word game and the name of a game I often play. This painting plays games, on this level. It also plays games on at least another two levels that I leave you the viewer to find.

It is an abstract you will love or hate. I suspect there will be no middle ground.

I would like to hear your thoughts though. I promise to catch up on all the blogs I read very soon.

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