Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Still Waters Run Deep

Still Waters Run Deep.

I have a number of palettes of colour that sing for me. I have a great many friends that make me feel happy. I have a number of people who I consider just a bit more than friends and I have some very special people in my life. This makes me a very very fortunate person. The world is full of sad and lonely people and my heart bleeds for them, because there is nothing worse in life than to feel alone.

There are times in the year where this becomes so much more poignant.

Today I was thinking at a depth that makes you feel such friends. How I wanted to capture the thoughts and the emotions. I tried to do so by using my favourite colours. This is what happened.

Still waters run very deep indeed and love touches every wave of feeling.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

It Seems Ages Since I Was Here

It seems ages since I sat down to write either of my blogs. As I look back my most recent posts it seems that at that time my paintings were selling well. This has continued to be the case. Yesterday I was back at my easel and produced two paintings I was hoping to enter into a gallery exhibition next week. I was feeling good that I was back to the fore mission accomplished.

Las night I sat down to have some quiet time in front of the television. I checked my emails on my IPad only to discover that another of my works had sold from a website I put it on last week. So today back to the easel. One of yesterdays paintings will have to go and replace the one now sold. It is heading off to the south of England.

I will show you one of the new ones and the one that has sold today and maybe tomorrow the other one that I did with an interesting little thought about the production of similar works of art.

I have been managing to read some of your ongoing and wonderful blogs and really have missed being here and sharing with you.

At present I am beginning to believe that I just might be an artist. it seems people want to own my art.

The painting at the head is the new one. the Below is the one that has just sold.

Hope to speak to more of you soon.