Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Edinburgh Castle from Castle Street.

Edinburgh Castle from Castle Street.

Some time ago I shared with you a painting of Edinburgh Castle. That painting sold very quickly, for which I am always pleased to know that others get some joy from my work.

One of my good friends and fellow blogger made comment that although he liked the painting he felt that it did not convey the total majesty of such a building. So, Jerry, here is another attempt at that majestic building in the heart of Edinburgh the Capital City of Scotland.

Painted almost from the same angle but of course not taking in the complete castle, rather just an aspect of it as it towers above the main shopping street of Edinburgh.

At the New Year Celebrations some 75,000 people gather below this castle and from its ramparts the fireworks display is tremendous.

Painted in Pen and Chinese Ink it is 16" x 20" and framed in a light oak frame.

Will it sell like the earlier version of the castle? We shall see.

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