Thursday, 26 May 2011

Summer Dreams - The Journey.

Summer Dreams

Amidst the chaos and the grime,
Of growing land.
And muddy slime.
Lies the thoughts of days to come.
With summer sun ,
Will come the glow.
Of blooms and plants.
Nurtured  in the gnarled hand,
Of gardeners palm.
His thoughts his hopes
of what will  be .
When he and nature  are as one
 in harmony.
The colours, hearts will lift.
And fill with dreams of love that is and yet to blossom,
In the warmth of days.
Oh summer dreams my heart you fill.
And make me long soar
On wings of song
As in your beauty
Deep I lie.
And wonder at the tales ,
of summer sky.
I think of places I have seen
And those I have yet to
And journeys made
And yet to be.
Oh Summer Dreams.

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Summer Knows

The Summer Knows

 I have had summer days of many years
And wandered midst the greens and reds.
I have seen birds soar in delight
As fledglings took flight
I have blown dandelion clocks
And watched the time float on summer breeze.
I have made daisy chains
With the  jewels of summer flowers.
I have watched butterflies flutter
And brighten the bright blue skies
And tasted the joy of fruiting trees
I have listened to the music of the bees
As they buzz on daily chore

I see them now with inner eye
And feel them in my heart.
The summer knows the joy it brings
And make my heart rejoice
And forward on the path I go
To find what summer my way will throw
The things I love and the lessons learned
As ever onward I daily go.

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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Winter is not the End

Winter Is Not The End.

This is my latest sale. There are some abstracts that from the minute you finish them you know they have expressed exactly what it was you were feeling at the time, this was one such one for me.

I painted this is a palette of colours that I am not in the habit of using and yet I saw this abstract long before I was able to put it on paper.

It had interest shown in it from the first day I hung it so I guess I am not surprised that it sold just the other day there.

It is now becoming a very humbling experience for me the number of sales of art I have been blessed with. I have a real desire to be able to say to friends that I am an artist. Let me just explain that. When asked what I do I now and then say to the person that I am an artist. The minute I say it I usually feel uncomfortable and go on to explain.

One day I will lose this feeling and will maybe accept that I have reached that place. Each sale like this one helps along that road.

I am kind of sorry to see this painting go and yet I have met and know the purchaser and I am sure his wife is going to be over the moon when he takes it home for her, he has told me she has wanted it from day one.

This painting is the kind of thing I am talking about and hinting at in my other blog.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Two Paintings I Hope Are Now Sold.

There are times when you think you have made a sale and for one reason or another the sale does not happen. This was the case with this painting and the one on my other blog.

I was approached by a person who asked me if I could mark these two as sold and he would pay me very soon. I did as he asked. A few days later I took them down and replaced them with two others. I left the two for him to collect.

A month later they were still there so I thought he had changed his mind. I took them and hung them elsewhere. The other day there he saw me and asked, rather upset why I had not sold them to him. I explained what had happened.

So all is now sorted the paintings are at last sold and he and I are I hope both happy.

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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Gone But Still Around

Gone But Still Around

It had lived and died and here it lay
Washed up on the shore along the bay
Grotesque yet full of beauty.
Faces of horror
Shaped by time and sea.
A mother holds child
A lover her desire.

Somewhere the years had passed
And wanderers had shelters neath her bough.
But time it's toll had taken
As the bell of death had pealed.
Fallen and cast adrift
To stand as sentinel for me.

How oft we feel we have no more
To offer to the world
Yet still this tree it message sings
And lifts it's heart to me
The mother the lover snake and ram
Each I saw as they saw me.

No more I fret of years gone by
And on my journey go
With love to give and love receive
The tree my heart has filled.
There is beauty all around
And love in thee and me.

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