Friday, 21 December 2012

Dunfermline Abbey and Palace Ruins

Dunfermline Abbey and Palace Ruins

The above is a Pen and Ink using only black chines ink produced by grinding the ink block on a stone. Was ground and collected it is applied with a dipper pen and a small brush.

Of all the paintings I have produced this one has had the most hours of time spent on it. I am glad I have not been clock watching. 

Not far from where I live is the City of Dunfermline. Dunfermline used to be the Capital of Scotland. Now the Capital City is Edinburgh, Dunfermline still has its beautiful Abbey building but the once Palace is now ruins. 

As a young lad we used to dare each other to run along the ramparts, a foolish thing, but the way of youth. 

When I first became a minister of religion I was invited to preach in the magnificent Abbey Pulpit, under which lies the body of King Robert the Bruce. 

It is not often that I say I am proud of a painting but in all humility I today say, I am proud to have painted this one. I am sure as I learn this new medium I will do better, but for now I offer this one to you. 

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Thursday, 20 December 2012

St Peter's Church Inverkeithing

St Peter's Church Inverkeithing

This is another of my pen and ink paintings. I am blessed to live in a part of Scotland with many interesting and historical buildings. In the village I live there are so many that locals often hardly notice the beauty of them.

I have taken some delight in looking at them again. This is my second version of this one. The first one was purchased before I had even had time to take a picture of it. It is to be given as a Christmas present.

It has been bought by the son and daughter in law for the mother. It was in this building that the daughter in law first sang solo. So the building has happy memories in the family. I hope it brings them joy.

This one is hanging in the little inn in the village where I meet my friends once a week. Within about 100 yards radius of where it hangs there are at least six historical buildings, so plenty to consider.

This church plays an important part in the life of the village in many ways. A recent heritage protection project has ensured it will stand in the village for many years to come.

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

My daughter recently returned home from a visit to Burma. She brought with her many little gifts for me, all the little kinds of things that bring me much joy. A lovely lying Buddha, a bracelet of jade. As she shared the experience she had I found myself searching out some of the things I had bought while in China.

While there I had bought some ink blocks and grinding stones. These beautiful ink blocks are so well made, each with symbols and pictures. It seemed to beautiful to grind that this is maybe why I had never used them.

It seemed such a shame. Somebody had gone to the time and bother to produce this beautiful ink block to be used to create lovely calligraphy. I decided to put them to use.

The grinding of the ink on the stone with water, such a peaceful way to spend time , and the beginning of any future artwork..

I have been using them to produce Pen and Ink artwork mostly of local places of interest. I will put some of them on here in the days that lie ahead.

The one on this blog is the second version of Edinburgh Castle, the first one having sold on the day I painted it.

I have kept to a very limited palette and mix the inks to create the colour I seek. Three primary colours and a black one. I am using an old pen and nib to produce the initial drawing. This every time reminds me of the days sitting in school with a dipping pen and an inkwell. The large ink bottle was out in the corridor so that each class could find it to keep the inkwells full.

Edinburgh Castle is possibly the most famous of all Scotland's Castles. Every year it hosts the Edinburgh Tattoo, where people from all over the world watch the spectacle.

It sits in the very midst of Edinburgh and can been seen from almost everywhere. I live just a few miles from this Castle but in the last few weeks I have learned more about it than ever before..

I have to say that I am enjoying these Pen and Inks. My son on the other hand wonders when I am going to get back to real art.

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