Thursday, 15 November 2012

Life Does Not Always Turn in Black and White.

Life Does Not Always Turn in Black and White.

Since I was last able to write a blog much has been happening in my world of art. I went through another of those deep black places where I painted nothing for a time, then I was invited to hang four paintings in an exhibition with some of Scotland's well known artists taking part.

At the same time three of my paintings left me to go and hang on the walls of other people. It is always uplifting when others are happy enough to hang your art in their homes.

I have painted one or two paintings in a very short space of time which I will share on here for your thoughts.

This painting is in a reminder, to myself, that things are not always black and white. Good or evil. That there are other colours in our lives all the time and even the dark moments are often just a shade of grey and not as bleak as they look.

This is the second painting I have done with a very very limited palette of only four paints in one and three in the other. This one has no texture other than that caused by the interplay between the brush and the paint. The other one has much more texture.

I hope the title conveys the meaning of the painting.  It is painted on a box canvas 40" x 16" so fairly large.

Painted using acrylic paint in black white and red with the very smallest touch of yellow.

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