Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Maze Of Adventure

The Maze of Adventure

This painting is very similar to a smaller one I did. The more I looked at the smaller version the more I felt it would look better on a larger canvas. So this canvas is more than twice the size of the other one. It is a box canvas 40” x16”

I am still in that moment of inner peace after my time of reflection.  This painting is as the last about the inner thoughts we have. We have a mind full of all sorts of positive and negative thinking. Dark places and golden moments.

Further reflection on this and the prompting of a dear friend made me aware that we often miss out on some golden moments because we keep ourselves boxed in because of our fears of the unknown.

This painting has places where one colour explodes softly into another. We sometimes have to step out of our inner fears and into the light of experience.

I hope this painting conveys this.

Painted in acrylic.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Cutting Edge

The Cutting Edge

I am showing two versions of this painting. I am not going to ask you to tell me which is better, one or the other. They are different.

What this does show is that the inner mood of a person can so easily affect the finished artwork.

I do prefer one to the other but not by a great deal.

These paintings were the first and the fourth of the paintings that arose from my musings on deep and big questions.

One is painted on a standard canvas 40” x16” and I intend to make a frame for it. The other is on a deep box canvas ready to hang, again 40” x16”

I am hoping that one will sell and the other I can give to my son for his new office.

Constructive Thinking

A good friend suggested that these two paintings could very easily be made very personal by hiding the initials of the owner in the midst of it. I kind of like this idea.

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Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Categorical Imperative

The Categorical Imperative

This is the second of the Abstracts I have painted since my afternoon in the Buddhist Temple.

My son, who is my greatest critic does not like this one. His opinion is it is far too cluttered and possibly even a bit harsh.

He may well be right about the clutter, but then as I have already told you these three paintings have grown from the thinking of that afternoon and the on-going thinking in the days that have followed.

Having been both a minister of religion and a teachers of Philosophy, obviously some of that thinking and questioning has been about some of the, “Big Questions.”

When we turn to those my mind is indeed a clutter and a turmoil.  I  hope you can also see that it is not dark but bright and full of life if sometimes in the clouds.

The title I hope does not confuse but in fact add to the thoughts behind it.

Painted in acrylic on a box canvas 50cm x 50cm

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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Structured Thinking (Or As Close As I can Get)

Structured Thinking ( Or As Close As I Can Get)

If you read my other Blog you will be aware that I have been spending more time than I normally would just quietly thinking. I found the need to get my thinking back to some sort of normality. My head is so often a spin of ideas, thoughts and theories. Some of these thoughts are happy and joyful and lead to much laughter and pleasure. Others can be self-destructive and I need to hone in on those and stop them from causing myself and those around me hurt and harm. 

It is in these thoughts that are so often born the beginnings of the art I produce. Not surprising then that so much of it falls far short of what I desire. 

So often when I return from my mountain holidays I am full of ideas and nature paintings. On this last holiday I felt barren and empty of such. 

I thought it was to be another long time of conflict with paint. Now in the last week and a half I have painted three abstracts. Abstracts that I fully understand why I painted them, and amazingly those who have seen them seem to like them, even those who normally do not like abstract art. 

The painting I have here today was in fact the third one I painted. I think the title gives a large pointer to what I am trying to say in the work. The red parts are those area of my life I need to keep in check The other colours go from the deep of purple to the golden moments. There are places where I cannot keep them under control and they infuse one into another.

As I say, I am not unhappy with them, but I do wonder if they will ever hang on another person’s wall?

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