Friday, 22 March 2013

Crail Harbour

Crail Harbour 

It is some time since I posted a blog which is very remiss of me. My only excuse is that I have been in considerable pain in my foot and nothing would give me any comfort, even sitting at the computer I found painful. At last I am now having some relief thanks to my doctor whom is determined to keep me running. I am now back running regularly and walking almost daily.

My art has been ongoing though much more slowly than previously. Standing at my easel became impossible. I have been trying some work using pen and ink. The wonder of this medium is how easily it can be left and returned to with little problems about keeping paint wet or matching the colour.

Amazingly those have become fairly popular and I have been able to sell more than a few.

I have been looking at most of the blogs that I follow and if possible have made a comment or two.

I am very very fortunate to live in the part of the world that I do. In about a mile from my home I am out in the country and can walk the coastal path. In the County of Fife where I live there are many very beautiful Coastal Villages. I so enjoy walking through these and watching the fisherman at work with creels and nets. Most of the villages have been maintained and unchanged over the years. Where changes have been made, building made to look "Better?" by being painted white, I have done some little research and found the original colours of the roofs and buildings.

THis little village remains unchanged. I found that walking through the harbour took me back to my youth. I am aware that this is a sign of ageing but what the heck I enjoy those memories.

I took about three days to complete this one. I drew it first in pencil then took up the pens and painted it again with Chinese Ink. To finish it I added just a little colour on the tiles of the roofs and sky and sea. No too much I hope but just enough to take the viewer into it.

This harbour is painted frequently but usually from a different angle.