Saturday, 31 March 2012

Love On The Rocks

Love On The Rocks

Sometimes a painting becomes more than just a painting and this one was one such painting. I painted this because I had done one very similar and it had sold on the day I painted it. I thought I would another similar one because I had enjoyed painting it. This time i put the canvas in landscape, the first one had been portrait. I painted it using my fingers more than anything else. I painted in a kind of frenzy of feeling.

The first one had been inspired by a moment in time when I had been running along the coastal path on a rainy day. I saw a couple standing under an umbrella looking out and across the water. It looked so romantic.

This painting I hung in the local inn where I hang some of my work. My friends had a marvellous week of laughter thinking up names for the painting. The names ranged from, "What a fine mess you have got us into now,"  to, "When is the next bus due."

I was somewhat glad when a couple on holiday from London stopped into the place and took a liking to the painting and purchased it. I hope it brings them as much laughter and joy as it brought to my friends.

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Friday, 30 March 2012

Morning Cityscape.

Morning Cityscape.

It is a long time since I have been blogging, but maybe it is time for me to get back again among the many friends I made here. During my absence much has happened in my little world of art. I have continued painting and to my never ending surprise, I continue to sell on a regular basis.

With that in mind for the next day or two I am just going to indulge myself and bring the blog back to date and share some of the new paintings I have been doing and some of the sales that I have made.

During my absence I spent a short break in Berlin with my son and daughter in law. I had a marvellous time there and during the visit I had the pleasure of early morning runs when the city was quiet.

These runs brought about at least two paintings, if not more. One of these large canvases sold yesterday. This one was painted using only my fingers and an old credit card. I enjoyed painting it and I hope the purchaser gets much pleasure from it.

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Thursday, 29 March 2012

At The Going Down Of The Sun

At  The Going Down Of The Sun

Normally I try to create bright happy paintings but for reasons beyond my control that is not the mood I was feeling when I began to paint this morning. Nevertheless this painting arrived on the canvas and it does make me feel content and pleased that this is what happened.

I walk often along the coastal path, at other times I run along it. My love of this part of the world is such that I find myself walking it at all kinds of hours of the night. IN the late evening there always comes a magical 15 minutes or so when everything takes on a very different hue. I walked the path the other night and the dark colours seemed to whisper to me. I have tried so hard to recreate the feeling of that moment I hope I have in  some small way.