Thursday, 6 October 2011

Love Along The Coast on a Rainy Day.

Love Along The Coast on a Rainy Day

This was just a very fast painting to keeping me out of the way of the heating engineer who was trying to fix my boiler. As you know I spend a lot of time along the coastal paths where I live. I therefore spend much time drawing in the atmosphere of the place rather than trying to depict just what I see.

Now and again I catch those little intimate moments. A couple standing in the rain under an umbrella what can be more romantic? I ask you for real.

Done on a small box canvas and painted over the edges.

This painting like another recent painting of mine sold within five minutes of appearing on Facebook. Sometimes I just seem to do something right.


  1. My second attempt to say ... this is what I understand.. I see it, I like it, I know what it's saying... Nice Ralph, do more like this.. BJ

  2. Gosh Ralph. I think this is an amazing and oh so beautiful piece! Not surprised it sold so quickly!

  3. Lovely. Well done on the sales. :)

  4. I love it too - It's just my cup of tea! You have really captured the atmosphere here and it's truly absorbing :0)

  5. I love this painting! You captured that tender moment of togetherness so perfectly! It feels like that brolly is sheltering them not only from the rain, but from the rest of the world, which seems to have melted away. I can see why somebody bought it right away! I wish I had bought it!

  6. Wonderful painting, Ralph!!!