Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Still Waters Run Deep

Still Waters Run Deep.

I have a number of palettes of colour that sing for me. I have a great many friends that make me feel happy. I have a number of people who I consider just a bit more than friends and I have some very special people in my life. This makes me a very very fortunate person. The world is full of sad and lonely people and my heart bleeds for them, because there is nothing worse in life than to feel alone.

There are times in the year where this becomes so much more poignant.

Today I was thinking at a depth that makes you feel such friends. How I wanted to capture the thoughts and the emotions. I tried to do so by using my favourite colours. This is what happened.

Still waters run very deep indeed and love touches every wave of feeling.


  1. Moving, thought evoking - WOW - I love this! Relationships with others is why we are here, I believe to promote love. Thanks for sharing.

  2. wow is right! I love this palette and design.

  3. Powerful post, Ralph!! Beautiful colors in this unique painting...

  4. This is really beautiful, and so are your words. I love how the colors and shapes move and flow around the painting. It expresses what you wrote about so perfectly. No workshop or instructor could ever teach how to put that emotion into a painting the way that you do. I'm always amazed at how you do that!

  5. Oh Ralph - This is beeeeeeeeeautiful!! Being a keen scuba-diver, this really reminds me of being under the Indian Ocean and looking up. It's almost like looking at one of my own treasured memories. I can't begin to explain how much I like this. It is absolutely my favorite! :0)

  6. Hi Ralph, the new year is here. I just wanted to wish you a year filled with friends, joy and bountiful sales.

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