Saturday, 31 March 2012

Love On The Rocks

Love On The Rocks

Sometimes a painting becomes more than just a painting and this one was one such painting. I painted this because I had done one very similar and it had sold on the day I painted it. I thought I would another similar one because I had enjoyed painting it. This time i put the canvas in landscape, the first one had been portrait. I painted it using my fingers more than anything else. I painted in a kind of frenzy of feeling.

The first one had been inspired by a moment in time when I had been running along the coastal path on a rainy day. I saw a couple standing under an umbrella looking out and across the water. It looked so romantic.

This painting I hung in the local inn where I hang some of my work. My friends had a marvellous week of laughter thinking up names for the painting. The names ranged from, "What a fine mess you have got us into now,"  to, "When is the next bus due."

I was somewhat glad when a couple on holiday from London stopped into the place and took a liking to the painting and purchased it. I hope it brings them as much laughter and joy as it brought to my friends.

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  1. It really is beautiful Ralph. I love the sense of how small a world a couple in love seems to have. You've captured that sense of it being just the two of them always. A strong sense that often fades everything to the distant background. Perfect!

  2. Une très belle interprétation... J'aime ce que vous avez écrit... la manière aussi de peindre avec frénésie en mêlant pinceaux et doigts...
    Une très belle peinture où le sentiment jaillit.
    Gros bisous