Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cat On The Prowl

This painting was one of my first attempts at painting a tiger. The tiger is an animal that hold me in its grip. Such power and beauty. It makes me so sad when I hear how they are year by year decreasing in number.

This painting was one with a story behind it. I hung this pastel painting in one of the inns I hang in. A young man told me that his wife was in love with this painting and he was determined to purchase it for her. Every time I saw him he asked me not to sell it until he had enough money to buy it.

Sadly with all the greatest of intentions he would save some money and then he would have a day when he would spend it all as a customer of the inn. I knew that he was not in a well paid job and that having this bit extra was a great temptation to him.

I thought and thought about it. I offered to let him pay me in very small instalments and reduced what I was asking to the cost of the framing. I only ever got one very small payment.

I decided to give up. I replaced it on the wall with another of my paintings, wrapped it up and sent it home to his wife.

I never ever did find out if he told her he got it for almost nothing but I do know she was very pleased to have it.

She has had it for a few years now and says it still makes her happy.

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  1. I just love that big heart of yours, Ralph.

  2. That's a beautiful painting! I don't think I've seen that one before. I love the story about giving it to that man even though he couldn't pay for it, because you knew it would make somebody happy. Not many people would have made so generous a gesture as you did. The woman who has the painting now probably treasures it all the more because of what you did for them. You set a wonderful example for us all!

  3. Oh Ralph, what a lovely story! And a great painting too!
    I love all big cats and it is terribly sad that they are decreasing in numbers.
    I bet the man was so touched by your gesture :0)

  4. Ralph...What you did was! This is a wonderful painting and this lady will treasure it for sure!.