Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Enfolding Love.

Enfolding Love.

I wandered empty paths
And tramped ore’ lonely dales.
The hands of time moving ever onward
As the sun chased the clouds across the sky.
The tramp of foot echoed the beat of heart.
Enveloped in natures bliss.

Alone was I on path and life
And felt the desolation.
But each little bloom of daffodil
And celandine
Smiled my way to cheer me down the miles.

I saw a tree majestic.
Head reaching high to catch the racing clouds.
As I walked, it stood
And held me in its its grasp.
Down through the years
On sentry stood.

I saw the rocks
Beneath its feet
Its roots embraced and held on tight
Caressing in love
Protecting each other.
Deep Enfolding Love.

Life moves ever onward
The path of life on forward march
The journey could be full of fear
But to know that love enfolds,
chases every tear.
To be held by one
In deep enfolding love
Makes the step grow light
And the way a path of joy.

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  1. Vous vous êtes agréablement promené mon cher Ralph et grâce à votre âme poétique j'ai erré avec vous par l'esprit... Bises

  2. Very nice poem. I look forward to more of these.