Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Summer Come The Summer Goes ( The making of an Abstract)

How hard I tried to find out how to put words onto a painting without the hard slog . At last I seem to have found a way of doing it. So before heading off on holiday I leave you this.

I am not sure what you will think of it but it has made me think of all the things I might do in the future.

I will be reading blogs while on holiday but unable to comment so sorry

Hope you are all well thinking of you all,

Hope you like .


  1. Wow!
    Ralph, this reeeeally appeals to me! And those rich and warm colours are so beautiful. I am so glad that you gave a step-by-step too. I would have been wondering how you did it. I love it! I find this utterly inspiring and it really makes me want to try something similar! :0D
    By the way, my oil is up! Have a look when you get back. Hope you like it :0)
    Have a wonderful holiday!!!

  2. Ralph, I LIKE !!!!!!! Have a wonderful vacation (holiday) BJ

  3. I have to say that this is gorgeous, Ralph! I love this piece in each and every incarnation, each step along the way. It is truly beautiful! I am so impressed!

  4. have a lovely, lively holiday
    may the force of art and soul
    be with you as you travel to and fro
    angel star
    (who still cant get blogger to sign me in!)

  5. I love how you created this painting! It's a perfect expression of the warmth and joy of summer! I've always admired your poetry, especially when you post a poem to go with one of your paintings. And now to have the poem right there as part of the painting is a wonderful idea!

  6. Very nice Ralph. Hope you're enjoying your holiday!

  7. I like every stage of this work, from the first to the last! Have a nice holiday!