Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Skins For Gadgets.

Skins For Gadgets.

As you all probably already know I am an IT  Geek. I just have never been able to resist the latest gadgets and gizmos. At the present moment each time I leave the house I make a check that I have remembered to pack into my shoulder bag the following. My MP3 Player, IPad2, Smartphone and my Kindle.

It has always been this way, the one real stumbling block from my ever becoming a fully enlightened Buddhist. My family continually ask me how the fight over the desire for technology is progressing? Each time the answer is the same. “Have you seen this latest piece of electronic wonder?”

The other day there I saw that it was possible to have a lovely gel skins made to cover all of the gadgets I have. I looked at all the possible designs and only one really caught my eye. I went to the website of the company and discovered I could have them made in my own design.

It was so easy to do, and I enjoyed the time it took. I used one of my artworks that had sold on the day I painted it. Although sold I still have the copyright.  It was a painting I had liked the moment it was finished. So although it is sold I will be able to enjoy it each time I take my Kindle out to continue reading my  book in progress. 

I should explain the Kindle is an  eBook reader.

Today’s artwork here and on my other blog is a screen shot of what the kindle will look like once I have encased it in its protective skin.  Below I have added another example, this time of my latest painting. My daughter likes this painting very much so I have decided to have a skin made for her using it.

Some of you might be interested in this. Watch this space for the on-going story.      

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  1. How cool!! Awesome idea and I hope this company makes quite a nice little profit from this venture. Me? I don't own a cell phone (don't really want one or need one), no kindles (I love the heft and the smell and the mystery of books), no MP3 players (I don't listen to music much anymore; tends to make me sad)...I'm rather a neophyte in these things. Must say I love that cell phone "skin" of yours though. I didn't remember seeing that painting!

  2. How lovely to be able to personalise your gadgets!
    I don't think I would get on with a Kindle. I love the feel and smell of a book too much.
    And I want to embrace the good old fashioned pen and paper, lol! I miss letter writing and also receiving letters - so, when I was asked if there was anything special I would like for my 40th, I asked for a fountain pen so I could write letters rather than always e-mails :0)
    My iphone and laptop on the other hand, I wouldn't do without, lol!

  3. OMGosh this is awsome!! I have heard of this before but i have'nt looked into it. I'm a hippie and live pretty simple. I really dont have have a lot of gadgets. This would be a great way to get my work out there too!. Thanks for keeping up with my work on my blog. I'm excited about it!

  4. My husband tells me I am a tech junkie but really I am just a wannabe tech junkie. I can't really afford all I want which is probably a good thing. I wonder, since you have an Ipad, why do you still use your kindle? They have apps to read all the same books on the computer (so I would assume on the Ipad too) so I wonder why you take both with you. I like my kindle well enough but need the light I have in the kindle cover I got to read with often so I thought if I ever get to have an Ipad I'd just use it as my reader too. I'm trying to figure out all the pros and cons of having an Ipad which is why I am asking.

  5. The gelskins are beautiful! You'll have to show us a picture of them on your gadgets when they arrive. That's such a great idea, and your paintings look awesome on them! If you could sell those on your website, I would want to buy one. (Except I don't have a kindle, or an ipad, although I've heard that an ipad is a wonderfully handy thing to have)