Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Abstract in Blue

Abstract in Blue.

I was out purchasing art materials when two small canvas caught my eye. A friend recently told me she was painting some miniatures, when I saw these canvas I just could not resist buying them and having a try at painting small.

My first love as you all know is to paint abstract. When I do I get so involved in the artwork. I use everything lying around. My fingers, knives and yes forks and even my credit card. The one thing I seldom use is a brush.  I tend to splash paint around and add texture.

Now I challenge you to try this at this small size. The canvas is 7" x 10" maybe not real miniature size, but for me miniscule. I once before was challenged to paint using more blue than I would normally use so I thought I would use the same ideas as I did then for this abstract work.

I put the original work on my website and it is very very tempting to go and compare them but I am just not going to do that. I will post it on here and then I have somebody in mind to give this small canvas to. I just so hope it brightens that persons life just a little on a few days in the future.

I hope this post finds all those who read it, well and feeling good.


  1. I like when you paint with lots of blue too! This is SO beautiful! I remember another blue painting that you did, and this one has that same passion and excitement to it. I love how you created the warm feeling of sand mixing with the wild feeling of the sea, and how you used the texture to make it even more exciting. You're inspiring me to try painting with my fingers now. This painting will definitely brighten somebody's life every time they look at it!

  2. Sigh...the ocean's tempest!! Lovely!

  3. I love the textural effect you have created here. What is it that you have used to make all of those little bumps? It is one of those paintings which you know you shouldn't touch, but you are just desperate to run your fingers over the surface! I once used real sand from a very special holiday to add texture in the foreground to a sea-scape - It's great fun using things like this isn't it? And something I plan to experiment with alot more in the future :0)

  4. There is such energy in this painting, you can hear waves crashing, makes me want to drive over to Santa Cruz right now.