Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Path To Enlightenment..

The Path To Enlightenment.

I suppose I had to try and paint something to do with Buddhist Monks or Shaolin Taoist Monks to be more accurate. Having attended a very moving show II have found myself constantly thinking about my own path, the journey already made and that which I hope still lies beyond.

I see this painting as part of that. When we are young and full of the colours of youth it is easy to think that we know it all, there is little to learn. Before us are those who have already travelled the road to various stages. These are the ones who know that there is always much to learn. Those who, in some cases , have forgotten more than we have yet learned.

I think of the many paths I walked with those I learned from and hoped that I could yet impart some of the learning.

But no matter how far along the path we have travelled it is still possible to walk in the footsteps of the stranger and learn even more.

Now to the painting. I am not at all sure about the worth of this as an art form. I may keep it for a bit and then paint over it. It is often the case that the value of the work is in the canvas and not the paint. It is also in the learning experience and not the art.

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  1. I just love that last line, Ralph. It gives me hope. Anyway, I told you my thoughts on this painting on the other blog. And it is a wise man who knows you never know it all.

  2. Don't ever paint over this one; if you don't want it or tire of it; pleas send it to me!

    What a message, what a lonely walk. It is mystical and sensual; and certainly conveys the message of a journey without end.

    Love it!

  3. Don't paint over this one; if you tire of it, please send it to me!
    What a painting! What a message! It is both mystical and sensual and leaves one with the impression of an endless journey!

    Wonderful! Love it.

  4. Oh no! Don't paint over it! It is too special! It says something and therefore belongs on a wall :0)

  5. Do NOT paint over this, Ralph! Everything about it is so artistic and creative, from the shadows and highlights on their bodies, and the way you blended the people into each other and into the background, and how the background fades away, and they're walking in that gentle curve shape... And then of course the powerful story it tells and the mood it creates. It's breathtaking!

  6. I don't want to repeat..BUT! do not paint over this. It's an amazing piece...and so it.!

  7. I agree. There is just something intriguing about this one. I hope you are enjoying your summer Ralph.