Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Toward The East They Looked.

Toward The East They Looked

Yes it looks very similar to the painting I sold within five minutes of painting it just the other day. But I just could not get the idea out of my head, and the more I looked at the blue version the more I saw yet another thought and another view of the idea. I still feel there might even be another version in green but who knows.

I though hard and hard about painting this second version but then many artists down through history have returned to a subject again and again. Monet painted so many lotus ponds. I know why they did it, not because they thought they were good at it, I think it was because their heads were full of further ways of saying the same thing.

So I do not feel I have cheated at all by giving this another try.  I had a painting that I was never happy with from the day I painted it. The canvas board it was painted on already had the base colours there if I painted it over. So two birds with one stone really, the old has gone and new is with me.

I would love to hear what you think of  what I have done. Please do not be afraid to tell me if you think I am being less than honest in my reasons.


  1. Wow! This one is even more amazing than the blue! I'll be looking forward to the green version, curious to see what kind of mood the different colors create...

  2. Your paintings are brilliant. I'm proud to be a friend of someone so talented. Sorry you're not too well. Take care and get well soon.

  3. I like them both Ralph. I couldn't give you a preference :0)

  4. wonderful! I rarely do the same thing twice..but I sold a lamb painting and a friend wants one for her I will do it again but I hope it will be better!!!