Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The warriors Head Out

The Warriors head Out.

Yes I know another of the warrior paintings, but I make no apologies this time. I have been enjoying painting this series and thinking about how I can make each one different. The local in where I hang one or two of my paintings have given me an additional space. I felt in the light of what I have been doing it was appropriate to hang two of my large warrior paintings. This is one of those.

This time I have added more than the lone warrior. The question is where are they heading with their spears and shields? Are they heading off to battle or are they going to meet friends for some ceremonial occasion ? I hope it is the latter.

Will this be the last of this series of paintings? I really am not sure I was thinking maybe the warrior needs to meet some of the local wildlife. At least I am still thinking of these new friends of mine.

This painting is 40" x 16" on a box canvas.

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  1. I love these Ralph. Maybe you could do some with the silhouettes of animals such as Giraffes or Elephants? They would look fabulous against that vibrant sky! :0)

  2. Cette peinture est remplie de dynamiques couleurs... Elles donnent à vos personnages une belle présence.
    Votre ciel est grandiose comme si lui-même était en guerre... Cependant il règne une grande sérénité dans votre peinture. GRANDIOSE.
    Gros bisous