Thursday, 26 July 2012

Painting on Display.

I feel reluctant to post this blog but a good friend said I should, if for know other reason but to make it possible to show to friends.

One of the local inns I hang paintings in has recently been taken over by a new owner. The dinning area has been decorated and a larger number of my paintings now hang there. Ten in all.

It never seemed to matter very much when it was just a painting or two but when there are so many it really does feel like putting yourself out there.

I feel both honoured and yet at the same time somewhat nervous about the venture.

I apologise the pictures are not the best they could have been they were taken using my cell.

I have added three I hope they give a feeling of the whole this and the place.

This blog is linked to my other and today importantly so please look at it here. Words, Words and More Words.


  1. Beautiful honor! Your blog is a record of your works. You honor us all by sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for that comment it meant much to me

  3. Of course you should share this !!!
    And you should be proud to have hung all these in one place.. like having your own gallery. !
    They look good Ralph... BJ

  4. Wow! You must feel very proud to see it all hanging up like that! I didn't realise how large your paintings are! They really do look fabulous :0)

  5. Hi! Nice to hear from you again Ralph. These look great! Yes, it's always scary putting yourself out there, but no pain, no gain : )