Thursday, 2 August 2012

Summer Evening France

This is another of those painting inspired by my time in France. I ran early mornings and late evenings when it was cooler. So often I ran and never met another human being.

This allowed me to just draw in the beauty around me in the silence of nature.

How I wish I could describe this in words or in paint. I try but never ever feel that I manage.

But this is yet another painting that tries to do just that.

This is a very large painting almost the largest i have ever done.

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  1. It has a lovely mysterious quality to it - and those colours are gorgeous :0)

  2. I think so too. I found you at Jerry Stonepost's site. You were the only comment on his book. I'll be the next after I leave here. The colors are surreal--remind me of Van Gogh's Cypress trees. Very nice and belated congratulations on your hanging last month. I'm glad to see it didn't stop you from painting. What a lovely honor.