Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

My daughter recently returned home from a visit to Burma. She brought with her many little gifts for me, all the little kinds of things that bring me much joy. A lovely lying Buddha, a bracelet of jade. As she shared the experience she had I found myself searching out some of the things I had bought while in China.

While there I had bought some ink blocks and grinding stones. These beautiful ink blocks are so well made, each with symbols and pictures. It seemed to beautiful to grind that this is maybe why I had never used them.

It seemed such a shame. Somebody had gone to the time and bother to produce this beautiful ink block to be used to create lovely calligraphy. I decided to put them to use.

The grinding of the ink on the stone with water, such a peaceful way to spend time , and the beginning of any future artwork..

I have been using them to produce Pen and Ink artwork mostly of local places of interest. I will put some of them on here in the days that lie ahead.

The one on this blog is the second version of Edinburgh Castle, the first one having sold on the day I painted it.

I have kept to a very limited palette and mix the inks to create the colour I seek. Three primary colours and a black one. I am using an old pen and nib to produce the initial drawing. This every time reminds me of the days sitting in school with a dipping pen and an inkwell. The large ink bottle was out in the corridor so that each class could find it to keep the inkwells full.

Edinburgh Castle is possibly the most famous of all Scotland's Castles. Every year it hosts the Edinburgh Tattoo, where people from all over the world watch the spectacle.

It sits in the very midst of Edinburgh and can been seen from almost everywhere. I live just a few miles from this Castle but in the last few weeks I have learned more about it than ever before..

I have to say that I am enjoying these Pen and Inks. My son on the other hand wonders when I am going to get back to real art.

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  1. So wonderful how you describe your process. You remind me of little stories too.

    As for art. I believe what is pouring out of you is exactly what you should be doing at the moment. It's always the best results. I think your castle is lovely.