Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Cold Mornings

Cold Autumn Mornings

This painting was one of my early abstracts. It was just at the end of autumn and the first hints of the winter to come were visible in the early mornings. I do not know why I painted this but it was the first of many paintings that my fingers played a large part in the creation of.

This painting now hangs in the house of a good friend. I used it as the picture for a christmas card.

I looked at it again this morning and it just seemed to fit the day so well.

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  1. A wonderful painting ... looks like a happy, dancing, frosty snowflake or frost pattern. A snowflake where you want to throw out your arms and dance in the falling snow. And, it certainly does fit a 'snowy' day.
    Love it.

  2. I agree - very apt! It's snowing where I am too and extremely ccccold!! I think the painting is wonderful :0)