Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Along The Canal

Along The Canal

On my other blog today I speak of one of my students. This little watercolour was painted along the canal where he and I often ran together. I have left much of the rest of this blog today very much the same as it was yesterday. This watercolour I still have hanging in my home. I actually like it which is unusual for me to say that about a waterclour I have painted.  Maybe it is because the place has many happy memories for me.

A Moment of Togetherness.

The snow was deep painting everything in wondrous white.

Silence surrounded me,

broken only by my pressing of the snow.

Then all at once I saw them,

three deer stood like sentinels before me.

Ears pricked as two sped off in haste.

The other looked and caught my eye.

I gazed in awe into the deep pools

eye to eye we stood.

Slowly he stepped aside to let me pass.

With thankful thoughts I left him to his day,

But in my heart I carried him on my way.

Nor will I forget that moment when we were one

And all of life stood still.

A second that will last eternally.

I thought I would share this moment with you. It happened as I ran through the woods a few miles from my home. I have run these woods so many times and have been inspired by the beauty often. But this one moment will be with me for a long time. How I wish I could find a  way to express it in art.

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  1. Beautiful poetry Ralph. And such an array of colours in that dense Scottish woodland. It is freezing down here in the South East of England - It reached minus 9 degrees the other day! But it seems you have even colder weather! Stay warm :0)

  2. So beautiful Ralph. I'm happy to hear some beautiful moments and incredible things are happening even in the bad weather.

    Sounds like you're the master helper. There'll be time to paint later...

  3. A beautiful post today . When something like that happens to us with nature we stand there in amazement of that moment.. What we don't see are all the other amazing moments that are going on in that woods.
    A few years ago I lived on three acres of wooded land and stood about fifteen feet of a deer. It looked right into my soul. I'll not forget it and your words bring back that beautiful moment.

  4. Dearest Ralph, you told me once youre not sure if you believe in angels...
    maybe an angel was hidden in the soul of a deer?
    you are a treasure!

  5. Ralph, you have expressed it in art!

  6. Thanks for sharing your moment. It is wonderful and so is the painting.