Friday, 10 December 2010

The Last Leaf Along The Beach

Some weeks ago Barbra Joan posted a picture of a leaf and its reflection. I could not resist writing the words of a poem to go with that photograph. Barbra then went on to paint the leaf, and made an excellent job of doing so. I recently painted a version of my painting of the feather on the beach. I was surprised by some of the comments made to me about that. What made me happy was that I had at last produced a painting again.

Yesterday I painted this version of my beach, taking the last leaf of autumn and using it. I am not sure if I have managed to make it work but it has inspired me to try again. I think on the next one I will simply have the leaf on the beach like my feather. Who knows I might even have other ideas for a mini series of beach type paintings, and during the course I just might get one that I will say I like.

I hope Barbra Joan does not find my interpretation of her photograph too bad. I apologise in advance for taking her idea and adapting it to this.

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  1. Merci tout d'abord Ralph pour votre gentil message laissé sur mon blog...
    Lorsque je me promenais sur la plage en Bretagne dernièrement, j'ai pensé à vous car j'ai aperçu une plume sur le sable mouillé. J'ai pris une photo que je me permettrai de vous envoyée via mail.
    J'aime beaucoup votre interprétation avec la feuille. Les couleurs sont très douces et l'ensemble de ces nuances apporte une certaine sérénité à votre oeuvre.

  2. Who would have thought that one leaf would look so good.! The blues are outstanding in this painting, Ralph.

  3. Ralph, no I don't mind at all the interpretation of the photo, you've done a beautiful piece both on that and the poem.

  4. Great job. I think it was a hard one to accomplish. I love the beach, and look forward to the mini series.

  5. Beautiful design. I really like your interpretation.

  6. I like your interpretation too - Since a leaf on the beach is an ulikely find! I like the textures of the sand :0)

  7. while you were not painting i suspect you were gestating this and more lovely images!
    have a wonderful holiday Ralph, love angelstar

  8. Absolutely lovely, Ralph. I am sure Barbara Joan is proud that she was an inspiration to you. I love the complete sense of peace and calm this one brings to me. Beaches, favorites.