Thursday, 26 May 2011

Summer Dreams - The Journey.

Summer Dreams

Amidst the chaos and the grime,
Of growing land.
And muddy slime.
Lies the thoughts of days to come.
With summer sun ,
Will come the glow.
Of blooms and plants.
Nurtured  in the gnarled hand,
Of gardeners palm.
His thoughts his hopes
of what will  be .
When he and nature  are as one
 in harmony.
The colours, hearts will lift.
And fill with dreams of love that is and yet to blossom,
In the warmth of days.
Oh summer dreams my heart you fill.
And make me long soar
On wings of song
As in your beauty
Deep I lie.
And wonder at the tales ,
of summer sky.
I think of places I have seen
And those I have yet to
And journeys made
And yet to be.
Oh Summer Dreams.

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  1. This is a very captivating painting! The word 'Journey' is so fitting. Heading into summer with that feeling of happy anticipation. I think the reason I'm drawn to abstract paintings more and more lately is because abstracts don't tell me what I should think. They invite me to free my mind and allow the painting to bring out whatever thoughts or ideas or emotions it wants to. Your paintings do that very well. This one, for me, brings out a little bit of wistfulness and reflection, but at the same time a feeling of strength and boldness and excitement. The poem has the same effect! Your creativity and the way you communicate through art and writing always amazes and inspires me. Thank you!

  2. Hi there! I had to change my blog and lost all my followers. I would love to have you back
    i was free wing watercolour, now im

  3. Beautiful poem, Ralph. I love the steamer ship I see in this lovely painting.