Thursday, 13 September 2012

Poppy Abstract

Poppy Abstract.

I enjoyed doing the last large canvas, Floral Abstract. In spite of the fact that my family to a person say they do not like it, and some even stronger words, I do like it. I can see it on a fresh while wall making a colourful statement. It may not happen but that is the picture in my head today. 

With that in my mind I reached positively for a smaller canvas, one that can easily be framed, and painted a second version of it. Again my family are not at all impressed with it, but again I feel happy with it. Maybe it has something to do with this time of year, when we turn our thoughts to poppies and remembrance. This played a very important part in my calendar when I was a minister. I always made a very special effort on that Sunday because I was aware of what it meant to so many people. 

I am aware it is very similar to the last on though much smaller. 16" x 20' again in thick acrylic.

I am going to hang this painting in the inn where a great many old soldiers go. I am going to allow visitors to make offers rather than me price it. The highest offer will have the painting and the money raised will go to their special fund. 

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  1. What a great idea for the painting and a wonderful way to raise money.
    Art is a funny thing - It can never please every one. What will please one will displease another, but that's the beauty of it. As long as you like it then it is true to you and has come from your own heart. Personally, I think it's lovely! I like the visible texture too :0)

  2. wow... it's nice :)
    It's also nice that it was meant for many. I salute you sir :)

  3. Après plusieurs semaines d'absence, je suis heureuse de rentrer et de découvrir cette dernière oeuvre... Une belle brassée de fleurs... Une peinture généreuse et pleine de vie... Vous embaumez mon écran aujourd'hui mon cher Ralph !
    Merci pour vos petits messages... Je pense publier un article dès demain sur mon blog.
    Gros bisous

  4. Sandra's right, art is very subjective - what one likes another won't and family I'm afraid are our worst critics! My daughters don't usually like what I do - when I paint quite loosely sometimes they don't get it! I actually think all art is special - whether it is painted by a world famous artist or a child in preschool - a painting is part of ourselves put on paper - I love what you are doing with this - until recently I was a Sunday School superintendent and I used to ask the children to paint poppies for Remembrance Sunday and they used to come up with some beauties! I'll be taking my poppy up Great Gable in the Lake District again this year where there is always a Remembrance service - it's always very special - I hope you raise lots of money with your painting - it certainly is a beauty - I love the textured look and vibrancy of it, gorgeous!! Sorry for my rambling reply - lovely to come across your blog, I'm following!