Monday, 10 September 2012

Floral Abstract.

A Floral Abstract.

I am not sure where my art is taking me but it is for sure taking me down roads and avenues I had not thought I would travel.

My first love has always been abstract art, followed closely by seascapes and mountains. Yet recently I have found myself painting actual places from research and memory.

I have often returned to nature and poppies, but always with intent. This painting happened. I started with wonderful bright thoughts of nature and vivid colourful thoughts. Somewhere along the way poppies crept back into the picture.

If you read my other blog you will be aware that I and friends have had much debate of late about the planet and nature and our place within it. So maybe this is where the influence comes.

A large box canvas 40" x 16" using acrylic.

This blog is linked to my other. A Drop Of Water.


  1. This is off to your other post!

  2. NIce art... me too also love abstract art :)
    Good day.

  3. It's wonderful to watch your art evolve and change with your mood. Your floral display is a delight! :0)