Thursday, 11 October 2012

Structured Thinking (Or As Close As I can Get)

Structured Thinking ( Or As Close As I Can Get)

If you read my other Blog you will be aware that I have been spending more time than I normally would just quietly thinking. I found the need to get my thinking back to some sort of normality. My head is so often a spin of ideas, thoughts and theories. Some of these thoughts are happy and joyful and lead to much laughter and pleasure. Others can be self-destructive and I need to hone in on those and stop them from causing myself and those around me hurt and harm. 

It is in these thoughts that are so often born the beginnings of the art I produce. Not surprising then that so much of it falls far short of what I desire. 

So often when I return from my mountain holidays I am full of ideas and nature paintings. On this last holiday I felt barren and empty of such. 

I thought it was to be another long time of conflict with paint. Now in the last week and a half I have painted three abstracts. Abstracts that I fully understand why I painted them, and amazingly those who have seen them seem to like them, even those who normally do not like abstract art. 

The painting I have here today was in fact the third one I painted. I think the title gives a large pointer to what I am trying to say in the work. The red parts are those area of my life I need to keep in check The other colours go from the deep of purple to the golden moments. There are places where I cannot keep them under control and they infuse one into another.

As I say, I am not unhappy with them, but I do wonder if they will ever hang on another person’s wall?

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  1. Ralph , now I see !
    The cloudy areas, the red ,, and the lines all mean something to me! I see the golden moments. I like it... BJ