Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Categorical Imperative

The Categorical Imperative

This is the second of the Abstracts I have painted since my afternoon in the Buddhist Temple.

My son, who is my greatest critic does not like this one. His opinion is it is far too cluttered and possibly even a bit harsh.

He may well be right about the clutter, but then as I have already told you these three paintings have grown from the thinking of that afternoon and the on-going thinking in the days that have followed.

Having been both a minister of religion and a teachers of Philosophy, obviously some of that thinking and questioning has been about some of the, “Big Questions.”

When we turn to those my mind is indeed a clutter and a turmoil.  I  hope you can also see that it is not dark but bright and full of life if sometimes in the clouds.

The title I hope does not confuse but in fact add to the thoughts behind it.

Painted in acrylic on a box canvas 50cm x 50cm

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  1. Ralph, I like this one. I went to the Lotus Festival last weekend at a Tibetan Buddhist temple. It was my first time there and this painting really sums up the colors and feelings of the temple I was in.

  2. I like the one with the purple, green and gold better, too, because it's less assertive and evokes more of a calmness for me. This piece demands that I sit up and take notice. But the composition is wonderful, leading from the dark clouds in the bottom, through the confusion, to the clear lines and peaceful blue at the top. It has a good story and conveys your signature style and your own personal expression that carries through all of your pieces. That's the sign of a true artist, in my opinion.

  3. Je trouve que cette peinture m'invite à la rêverie... Ces bulles légères sont fluides comme l'air... Elles m'entraînent dans vos nuages au loin, malgré toutes les choses qui se trouvent sur leurs chemins...
    Des couleurs puissantes comme votre peinture.
    gros bisous

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