Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Maze Of Adventure

The Maze of Adventure

This painting is very similar to a smaller one I did. The more I looked at the smaller version the more I felt it would look better on a larger canvas. So this canvas is more than twice the size of the other one. It is a box canvas 40” x16”

I am still in that moment of inner peace after my time of reflection.  This painting is as the last about the inner thoughts we have. We have a mind full of all sorts of positive and negative thinking. Dark places and golden moments.

Further reflection on this and the prompting of a dear friend made me aware that we often miss out on some golden moments because we keep ourselves boxed in because of our fears of the unknown.

This painting has places where one colour explodes softly into another. We sometimes have to step out of our inner fears and into the light of experience.

I hope this painting conveys this.

Painted in acrylic.

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