Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Squirrel


I had not painted for so long, and when I did I was never happy with anything I managed to complete. As most of you know I have a very dear old friend called Archie, of whom I have spoken before, and painted. Last week he came to me asking if I could help him out. One of his neighbours was having a special birthday, he wondered if I could make him a special birthday card with a squirrel. It seems his neighbour has a passion for the little creatures.

I looked back through my walking pictures to see if I had any inspiration. I found this picture of a squirrel among them. As I looked I noticed something I had not noticed when I took the picture. I do remember at the time wondering why it was not running from me, as they normally do. It was only now I noticed the small one tucked underneath her tail.

I did a pastel drawing of it about 16"x 12" and then photographed it and made it into a birthday card whith his neighbours name on it. I threw in the original pastel painting as an extra.

At least I was forced to get my pastels out. SO watch this space.

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  1. Hi Ralph and welcome back! I like the way you've portrayed this squirrel. She looks like a superhero! The grasses behind her give her presence and greatness. Must be how you felt about her when you realized she was protecting her young. Much like you protecting and caring for your neighbors...

    Happy birthday! On the bright side, all this snow shoveling is keeping you in shape. Feel like 25? Wow, I can't ever say that...

  2. Love the 'inquisitive' air of this squirrel. Do you see a 'self portrait' lurking in this one?

  3. Welcome back Ralph. I love the squirrel..she is very nice. My family has lots of squirrel tales..my Dad had some run ins that he made epic with his storytelling!!! Thanks for the post. And have a great day

  4. Vous avez parfaitement bien su reproduire le regard malicieux et méfiant de ce charmant petit être...
    Bisous et à bientôt pour de nouvelles belles oeuvres.
    Merci pour votre gentil message.