Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Gone But Still Around

Gone But Still Around

It had lived and died and here it lay
Washed up on the shore along the bay
Grotesque yet full of beauty.
Faces of horror
Shaped by time and sea.
A mother holds child
A lover her desire.

Somewhere the years had passed
And wanderers had shelters neath her bough.
But time it's toll had taken
As the bell of death had pealed.
Fallen and cast adrift
To stand as sentinel for me.

How oft we feel we have no more
To offer to the world
Yet still this tree it message sings
And lifts it's heart to me
The mother the lover snake and ram
Each I saw as they saw me.

No more I fret of years gone by
And on my journey go
With love to give and love receive
The tree my heart has filled.
There is beauty all around
And love in thee and me.

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  1. Your words compliment nature's artwork so perfectly! This tree is one of those things you just have to keep staring at, and the more you stare at it, the more you see and feel from it. I really like the flow of the poem and the way the words offer a tribute to the tree for all that it offers in return. Instead of painting it with your paints, you've painted about it with beautifully crafted poetry. I wish I could put words together as well as you do!

  2. lovely poem by a lovely man...