Monday, 13 August 2012

Along the Firebreak.

Along The Firebreak Newer Version

Along The Firebreak before Retouching. 

As a walker and runner I often walk and run along the firebreaks of the forest. here where the light can reach the earth nature takes back its own and the grasses and the flowers reach to the light. Refracted and direct light create differnt feelings colours and moods. This picture was taken with a light in the room, without the light we have another painting all together with cooler feelings and moods, so two paintings in one. 

Those who have followed this blog over the years will have seen this painting before. I was going to overpaint it but instead decided to make some changes. I hope you can see the changes in the two paintings above.

I may yet over paint it but in the meantime I am going to give it one more exposure.

Painted on canvas 16" x 20" and framed. 

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  1. This is just lovely! I love the sky and all of the textures and colours. It has such a lovely atmospheric feel :0)

  2. I love your retouched version

  3. I like the newer version so much! Not only is it a more dramatic effect, but, I want to look at it longer.