Friday, 31 August 2012

Isle of Iona

Isle of Iona

I lived on the beautiful island of Iona for a year as I got my life together and tried to catch up on all the studying I had not done while at school. In return for giving of my labour I was allowed to have a room in the Abbey you can see in the painting. I was also given food  and more importantly the abbey had a library where I could sit at nights on my own and read.

One of the things I did on the building that year was to help in the construction of a circular staircase. So under the bottom stairway in a bottle lies concealed a message from myself and something of my hopes and dreams.

I loved this island, all 3 miles by 1 mile of it. Its beaches and coves. The abbey and its inspiration. The daily acts of worship, in the summer with a great many visitors in the winter just the eight or so of us who continued to live in the abbey.

Do I like the painting? As usual I am very unsure. Am I happy? The answer to that is on my other blog.

My other blog can be found here.   Chasing Happiness

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  1. This place looks stunning! I can see what drew you to paint it. The colours are so inviting and you have captured the movement in that water beautifully :0)