Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Coatal Path

Coastal Sketch

Yesterday I walked. For the first time I took with me coloured pencils, and yes those who mentioned it were correct the ones I have purchased are of the watercolour variety. The first sketch I have done with them I showed you yesterday. This was one where I took the time to sit and do the sketch. Yesterday I was not walking alone so wondered if it would be possible to do a very rapid sketch and not keep Irene waiting for me too long.

Above is the result. A quick stop and while sitting in the old historic graveyard along the coastal path not far from where I stay I did this rapid sketch. Much less detail and a long way from Katherine’s advice about layering and layering, but it was fun to do.

I promise not to bore you with many more of these rough sketches but I am finding it exciting and new. The sketchpad I bought in Spain was inexpensive and not good quality paper. Who knows maybe soon I will decide to purchase a proper sketchbook and see where it leads.

I put it on today’s blog because in my other blog I was talking about learning from difficult situations. Sketching is not a difficult situation in any real sense but let me tell you it is new to me and I am floundering and learning.

Oh ! Can I ask? Please nobody say this is good because I know it is not. Even the most precursory of glamces and many errors can be seen.

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  1. Ralph, it rather bothers me that you wouldn't want someone to tell you this is good when it isn't - at least in your own eyes. I've been trying to paint and draw and create since I was a little girl. I've yet to get a piece to this level of "good." I think it is a matter of perspective or opinion, yes? To me this is a delightful piece, one that brings to mind memories of taking my girls to Ocean Shores when we lived in Washington. Days of squawking gulls, stiff winds, ocean smells, breaking waves and sand, sand, sand. When a painting can bring memories to life, isn't that a good thing?

  2. If this is the first of your watercolour pencil paintings then it is more than good Ralph. I am hopeless with pencil (of any kind) so I can appreciate what has gone into this, and I too think it is a delightful sketch! :)

  3. Wow! You are fast developing a beautiful painterly style with those pencils! I can see your painter's instincts in the way you used the pencils. I shouldn't have offered advice yesterday, because I know very little about plein air painting. I do know that you've inspired me to pack up some pencils and go outside and try it today! I'm going to do it!

  4. Cher Ralph,
    Il y a tant d'émotions dans ce croquis qu'il ne peut qu'être beau. Excusez-moi! C'est tellement fabuleux de "relire" les carnets de croquis ultérieurement... Que du bonheur! et vous nous en offrez un avant-goût, merci... à suivre... Je veux tout voir. Je suis une grande gourmande.

  5. Ralph, may I at least say I like your handling of the bank and grasses on the sides.

  6. Stop being so bossy, Ralph! If we want to say it's good then let us. I think it's brilliant and I'd love to have half of your artistic talent. xx

  7. You have been busy since my last visit! I love the sea - It holds a very special place in my heart. You have captured it beautifuly.