Thursday, 29 July 2010

Lavender Fields Sketch

Lavender Fields Sketch.

The truth had to come out. My wife knew I had borrowed the painting off the kitchen wall to fill a gap while I was on holiday. I am sure I told you before that the painting sold. I had forgotten to mention this to Irene. I thought least said and all that. No I was being a coward that is the truth. I thought if I said nothing she might forget and say nothing.

Last night at evening meal she was looking at the kitchen wall. I could feel it coming. When are you going to get back my painting of the lavender fields?

There was no getting out of it; I had to admit it had sold.

I could see she was not at all happy. It is unusual for her to get attached to any of my paintings, but it seems she had in this case.

So immediately after evening meal I got out my pencils and sketch pad. I went to my computer and looked again at the holiday pictures from France and made this sketch. Not the same as the one I sold but of the same scene with a slightly different way of seeing it.

All of my painting is about feeling, never about reproduction. When I look at the sketch I can remember being in the place and the smell.

So I have a sketch maybe before my anniversary I will be able to convert it into a painting and have it back on that kitchen wall. But then again I do have a space on a wall in one of the inns waiting to be filled.

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  1. Don't you dare fill that space with your wife's painting, Ralph!!! Methinks Irene wants and needs her lavender fields! LOL

  2. Oh Ralph. Better to have a blank spot on the wall at the Inn than an unhappy wife. I love your sketch. It makes me wish I could be in those fields smelling that wonderful lavender.

  3. I am sorry she was upset you sold it! Hopefully you can create a beautiful work of art that will make her equally happy. Your Lavender Fields sketch is absolutely beautiful, I can see why she was so fond of it!