Saturday, 31 July 2010


Sorry no artwork today yesterday I was so caught up in other things I had no time to sketch or paint. As I wrote my other little blog this scene came to mind.

The other day when out walking I was taking some pictures of the sea. As I was doing so I noticed this man playing at the waters edge with his grandchild. The child was feeling so secure with him and being very brave. He on the other hand was so proud of her. The love he had was so obvious. I just could not resist taking this shot.

On downloading the days pictures I wish i had taken the time to tell him I had taken this picture.  I would love to turn it into a painting but not at all sure if I can without his permission.

If anybody who reads my blogs recognises the person can they let me know.

The picture does seem to go with the blog.  My apologies again for the lack of art.

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  1. Some of my sunniest days have been spent with my grandchildren....helping them explore the world about them as I did with my children!
    Watching my grandson as he he explored fish in a pond, trying to crack frozen ice in my backyard fish pond, walking wooded trails where he would stop and listen and look around for 'that sound'. Or my granddaughter on Saturday shopping trips to buy cheesecake for the two of us! Such fun!

  2. Ralph, a photo is art, especially when taken with the joy you felt as you gazed upon this wonderful duo. I love the whole spirit and feel of this photo. What a lucky family here!

  3. I agree with Autumn Leaves, that the photo is a work of art - your artist's eyes had to see the potential for the image first.

  4. Many of us paint people who never know their picture was taken. Its how we gain our view into unposed private scenes of life. I say if you are moved to paint this picture, go for it!