Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Summer Knows

The Summer Knows

 I have had summer days of many years
And wandered midst the greens and reds.
I have seen birds soar in delight
As fledglings took flight
I have blown dandelion clocks
And watched the time float on summer breeze.
I have made daisy chains
With the  jewels of summer flowers.
I have watched butterflies flutter
And brighten the bright blue skies
And tasted the joy of fruiting trees
I have listened to the music of the bees
As they buzz on daily chore

I see them now with inner eye
And feel them in my heart.
The summer knows the joy it brings
And make my heart rejoice
And forward on the path I go
To find what summer my way will throw
The things I love and the lessons learned
As ever onward I daily go.

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  1. Beautiful painting to match the beautiful words.

  2. What an uplifting poem - and a beautiful piece of art :0)

  3. I love this painting and poem! They both capture the magic and wonder of summer so perfectly. I like how all the yellows and golds flow through the painting and in and out the beautiful reds. And I love that soft hint of blue there. The whole thing really stirs the imagination, as does the poem.
    I'm looking forward to chasing butterflies and picking dandelions and long lazy summer days very soon!