Sunday, 15 May 2011

Winter is not the End

Winter Is Not The End.

This is my latest sale. There are some abstracts that from the minute you finish them you know they have expressed exactly what it was you were feeling at the time, this was one such one for me.

I painted this is a palette of colours that I am not in the habit of using and yet I saw this abstract long before I was able to put it on paper.

It had interest shown in it from the first day I hung it so I guess I am not surprised that it sold just the other day there.

It is now becoming a very humbling experience for me the number of sales of art I have been blessed with. I have a real desire to be able to say to friends that I am an artist. Let me just explain that. When asked what I do I now and then say to the person that I am an artist. The minute I say it I usually feel uncomfortable and go on to explain.

One day I will lose this feeling and will maybe accept that I have reached that place. Each sale like this one helps along that road.

I am kind of sorry to see this painting go and yet I have met and know the purchaser and I am sure his wife is going to be over the moon when he takes it home for her, he has told me she has wanted it from day one.

This painting is the kind of thing I am talking about and hinting at in my other blog.


  1. Congratulations on another sale, Ralph! Well done!

  2. That's great news Ralph! How lovely it must feel!
    I have never said that I am an Artist to anybody, because I'd feel a fraud! But I would love to be able to say it one day.
    You, on the other hand are indeed a true Artist and should be proud to say it :0)

  3. Oh I relate sooooo well. :) You are an artist, check out my blog and see for sure. ;D

  4. maybe say, "I am a painter." very good advice i read once. and very true. you are bith painter and artist. but i do know how the artist word sticks in the mouth, as if one should say it with a posh accent...