Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Do No Look Back

Do Not Look Back

Yesterday I visited the place where this painting is hanging for sale. I have to say that I like this painting very much. I like the loose interpretation that i have managed to capture. I am happy with the end result with the limited palette used.

I added a nice mount to it before framing it in a modern and very complimentary frame. All in all it looked good hanging where it was.

Before hanging in places I print a little descriptive label and indicate the price it is on sale for. When hanging I make a reduction in the price. Whoever buys it will take it with them. I will not have to package it or post it. I will not have to use paypal and pay them a commission.

So you can imagine I was bit surprised to note that somebody had stuck a little  note on the painting offering to purchase at a one third reduction.

I have always tried to make my art affordable, that has been important to me. I have on more than one occasion given away a painting.

Now I ask you my blogging friend should I have felt insulted? I am full of mixed feeling on this one. I am sure the painting is worth every bit I asked, and some people have said it is worth more.

The horns of a dilemma indeed.

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  1. I don't think you should feel insulted. I think that somebody likes the painting enough to want it, but may simply not be able to afford the price. It could be their way of saying, 'this is what I could afford to pay'.
    I'm not saying you should reduce it at all - really I'm not! They may well be able to afford it really, but are just trying their luck! The price is what it is and some people just don't understand what goes in to a painting; heart, soul, sleepless nights.... But anyway, it's still good to get interest. :0)

  2. Maybe the person who wants to buy the piece just can't afford it? So many times I am stopped from buying because of the cost. Maybe you could think of it this way, Ralph? Of course, it could be someone who just wants a bargain, but sometimes I have to believe in the high road...

  3. Hi Ralph, after being in retail for a few years, I realize that some people never buy anything, besides maybe food, without trying to get it reduced first. They will often buy it anyway but have to try. In many cultures it's how it's done. For those who can't afford it but sincerely want it, you could offer a payment plan. They will appreciate the value of it that way.