Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Handel- Water Music

Handel Water Music.

I have been painting nothing much except abstracts for ages, with the exception of the painting I did recently for the bride and groom. That of course was easy to do because I was doing it for somebody who I knew wanted this picture.

I immediately reverted to form, back to painting abstracts. Maybe things will change after this my black day. I say more about that on my other blog. Maybe in my next phase it will be all seascapes and landscapes, who knows?

In the meantime here is my latest abstract.

I showed it to my usual group of friends, most of whom prefer me to paint, "Things that we know what they are." One friend in particular, if he sees me with another abstract, says, "Before you even show me you know what I am going to say."  Yesterday when I showed them, his words were different, he said, "Would you believe it Ralph, I rather like this one." Now that is something. The other person said he thought it was possibly one of my better works.

I can recommend, having a group of friends whom you know will be honest with you about your art. We can all post art on places where the only comments ever made are wonderful. In fact I once, recently got an email from somebody telling me they were not going to post my comment because it was not a good comment, but it was critical.

There is nothing better than some honest judgement, good and bad. Like my old friend often says to me, "Ralph, if i had painted that at school I would have been given the belt."

I give you this abstract and the tittle tells you what I was listening to while I painted so no more needs to be said. I am open to all comments, good, bad or otherwise.

Have a good day.

Since writing this blog and posting, the painting has been sold. I virtually sold on the day it was painted. I seems that now and again I get it just right. 

I say more about good about bad days on my other blog. A Bad day? Not At All


  1. I like this one, as well as many of the others you've posted. It is disturbing at the same time, as I see ice or water, and definitely a man (or woman) in a long coat under the surface. I might like it even better upside down. Good day!

  2. I really love this one, Ralph. It reminds me of a witch on a broomstick but seeing her through water. Or a mermaid even. Just lovely!

  3. Well, I really like it - Genuinely. I don't favour all abstract art but there are some which I find intiguing and thought provoking. This is one of them :0)

  4. Really unique and I love the colours. Nice one Ralph.