Thursday, 31 March 2011

Towards Enlightenment

Towards Enlightenment

This painting is very similar to a previous painting I did. That one was called, “The sands of time move ever onward.”  It sold on the day of painting it.

Another person who liked this painting mentioned it to me the other day. He was so sorry he had not managed to purchase it. He went on to describe the people walking away on what he saw as a desert trail. If you remember there were not really people there but the feeling was.

Hid enthusiasm caught me, and made me do some thinking. As I walked home from that discussion I thought about walking with the sun behind. I began to think that if we want enlightenment we have to walk towards the light not away from it.

As I thought, this painting the next in the series of I do not know how many there might be flashed into my mind.

While listening to some African drum music and using my fingers I painted in a frenzy of paint. I took the paint straight from the tubes onto my fingers and mixed it on the canvas.

Is it finished? I am not at all sure. Is it good? I doubt it. But it does say what I was feeling and thinking so it speaks to me.

I offer it humbly to you.

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  1. Ralph I think this is one of my favorite paintings of yours. Wow! So stunning. I instantly got the feeling of people standing on a ridge. I love the sky and the use of yellows. Perhaps brushes and pencils got in your way for true creativity? Magic fingers.

  2. Susan is right... magic fingers. This painting has so much boldness and intensity. Wow! I love that it tells a very powerful story, but it insists that I process that story for myself. It challenges me and I like that. Great painting!

  3. I can hardly believe that this was painted with your fingers! I absolutely love it! It really does have an African feel. The colour is stunning and that sky! Just... Wow!

  4. Ralph - you ask if it is good... I did not read the other comments yet because I myself want to say that it is EXCELLENT as an abstract and you have done it wonderfully! You have movement, and fluidity and motion and light and a story is told... that is what we are trying to do - you did it! I think you "felt this" and you painted it with the suggestion made to you and while you walked, you "painted it" in your mind and your word "enlightenment" is perfect for this art work - I love it my friend, you have done it again and I have to honestly say I am loving all of your artwork and look forward to more
    Enjoy your mountain time - maybe we will see mountain paintings soon.. hugs to you Claire