Friday, 11 March 2011

Work In Progress 2

Work In Progress Step 2 

I am taking my time with this pastel doing it in stages and spending time at each stage just having it beside me in the same room, so that I can allow it to tell me what needs doing.

It is amazing how a painting speaks to you, is it not?

So here we are after two sessions of working on it. Hopefully today I will complete it.

Again I remind you this is not an attempt to portray realism but rather to capture the essence of the place.

This alley leads to the small harbour of South Queensferry. The harbour is the placing of setting out and coming home. For so many brides it is also a place of setting out. Many brides and grooms walk down this alley to have wedding pictures taken with the famous bridge in the background. Brides and grooms setting off on the journey of married life, it seems appropriate.

I have pictures of my own daughter on her wedding day taken at this very harbour.

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  1. Mêler sa sensibilité, son ressenti face à un endroit et le renvoyer sur la toile... J'ai hâte de voir la suite de votre travail Ralph...
    gros bisous

  2. The stone/brick street is stunning, Ralph. This is coming along so beautifully!

  3. It's so nice to paint somewhere that you have a personal connection to isn't it? - It makes all the difference.
    I know what you mean about a painting speaking to you - Unfortunately my current WIP is telling me to go away because I'm rubbish! Lol! Never mind - I will persevere :0)

  4. all the paintings are always speaking by itselfs, has life of their own :) anxious to see the final result ! :D good process of work !

  5. Lovely that this place has such meaning for you... hope that makes it easier to work with - and pastels are new for you? Or not... I do not recall seeing work in pastels and wonderful that you are trying that - you are doing a great job! Love the progress pics, amazing how the paintings just talk to us, I agree - they sometimes paint themselves!!

  6. I love the way paintings speak to me. I've had a few paintings that just didn't have what it takes but after a few days on the wall they told me where I'd gone wrong.

    I'm excited about your new studio/gallery. I'm sure it will be a place people come to just to be blessed by your thoughtfulness and will buy your paintings because it represents you and it's so well done.