Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Iona Beach Looking Towards Mull

This is the second of three paintings I sold last week. I will not go into too many details about this sale because it has been purchased as a gift for a very special person.

It seems that the island of Iona is a special place for two people and one is giving the other a gift of my painting.

I feel happy about this for more than just the sale of the painting.

I also love this spot having lived there for a year and swam from this very beach.

I hope the painting brings some of the joy of the place back for them.

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  1. It won't fail to do just as you hope, Ralph. This I know. It is a lovely piece.

  2. Toutes mes félicitations Ralph pour cette vente. Je comprends le double choix de vos acquéreurs, celui de leurs souvenirs propres mais aussi parce que vous avez mis tout votre amour dans cette peinture... Bises
    Le ciel est aussi particulièrement beau...

  3. It's a lovely tranquil painting Ralph. I love the beach! Next time I go to Scotland I will be asking where it is so I can go there too :0)

  4. I echo Sandra here..lovely!

  5. It's always better when a painting gives a special meaning to someone..

  6. I am not surprised this sold, Ralph - such a beautiful painting of a special place. What a lovely gift !!!