Monday, 21 March 2011

The Tempest

The Tempest.

Some time ago I painted a number of paintings in this scheme of colour. I used a variety of textures and ways of creating texture. 

I did a series of three, this large one and a small one. 

I liked all of these paintings but it seemed maybe I was alone in that. 

Then the three small ones sold. Now this the larger one has sold.

I think maybe there  are paintings that people want to live with for a while before deciding that they like them. In my case people need to see them hanging for a bit before they are convinced. 

In this case the sale came on the very day I was about to move it to another spot. 

Everything comes round in its own time. I speak of this on my other blog. Everything Comes Round


  1. You are right Ralph. There is a piece for everyone and for every place - It just takes the right person to see it and only then can it find where it belongs.
    Personally, I like it because those beautiful warm colours are amongst my favourites :0)

  2. De très belles nuances de couleurs...
    Nos toiles sont semblable à des pièces de puzzles... Elles trouvent toutes une place...

  3. Congratulations on your sale! It is a beautiful painting.
    I agree too that a smile can make a world of difference and bring good things down the line. I'm sending you a smile.
    Happy planting!