Thursday, 10 March 2011

A Work In Progress

A Work In Progress

I mentioned the other day the painting that had been sold twice. What I forgot to mention was how I had come to paint the original.

Somebody had been married in South Queensferry and a friend wanted to give them a gift that would have some meaning. I painted the Vennel ( For those over the pond this is a small alley between two buildings). I did two versions of it one in pastel and one in acrylic.

As is often the case with such works the person never got back to me on it. Probably I had not met his requirements. I felt at the time that I was now left with two paintings. As things turn out so often, and you have heard the tale both sold. Another girl who also got married saw the painting on my website and wanted to purchase.

As you know I agreed to paint another similar painting but trying to ensure both have enough differences to make them all original as works of art.

It is never easy doing a painting twice. I have a help in this case because I have a beautiful picture of the bride and groom not far from the spot where I am painting. I can feel they’re joy and I can see the kind of day it was.

So I have added to my blogs today the work in progress. I think it is doing ok, but I am so hoping they will like the finished work.

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  1. I think it is going great, Ralph. It looks awesome and I love the colors in that building on the right.