Friday, 30 April 2010

Along the Hedgerow

Along the Hedgerow.

I am sure that I used this painting on my other blog some time ago when I was writing it for myself and one or two others. To those who have seen this before I apologise. I used it on the other blog because I was talking about The Doc who was at the autumn of his life when I met him, as was Harry the other character I met. Harry played an important part in helping me get where I wanted to be as some of you may know if not that is another day.

This painting was also used today because I would like to tell you about this paintings short history. I, when not suffering from throwing myself off caravan roofs, go running to try and keep myself mobile and fit. I love running forest trails and mountains. It was last autumn that I saw these interesting plants along the edge of a hedgerow. They had some very interesting seed heads and the leaves were turning to autumn colours. I just could not resist painting them and did two versions of it.

Neither of them sold and they have been hanging for some time now. Normally I would move paintings frequently from one of my venues to the other and then if I still had them keep them for a bit before deciding what to do. Unfortunately because of my fall I have been unable to do this until this week. This was the first of the two to be moved. I changed it to the local inn and already they have had interest shown in it being purchased and they are sure it will be sold by the end of the weekend. We shall see but it just shows that what does not look well in one place does in another.

This and the other one were painted using acrylic and painted using knives. The paint is heavy and so gives a textured effect.

Can I thank you all for your comments about my watercolour. In the light of those comments I will have another try. Today though I am heading off to my allotment I need to spend some time finishing the planting of my vegetables and hoe some of the weeds than have been left to their own during my recent incapacity. Fresh air and the banter of fellow gardeners will be good.

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  1. Hi Ralph,
    Très différent de l'aquarelle, mais peinture puissante remplie d'énergie. Je pense que le travail au couteau apporte cette force. Je ne sais pas travailler au couteau. Pourtant lorsque je m'éternise avec bonheur dans mon magasin de couleurs je me surprends à empoigner ces couteaux... Mais j'en reste là!
    Je croise les doigts pour vous, en ce qui concerne la vente... Tenez-nous au courant! Racontez-nous ce que ressentent les clients...
    Vous avez raison aussi parfois une toile tarde à se vendre dans certains lieux et se négocie très rapidement ailleurs.
    Je vous souhaite une agréable journée de jardinage, qui pourra peut-être donner naissance à une nouvelle inspiration picturale... Prenez soin de vous, il ne s'agirait pas de vous blesser à nouveau!

  2. This painting is just beautiful, Ralph. I love the colors and for some reason, there us an autumnal feel to the piece. (I just recalled you mentioned the word 'autumn' in the post. Yes, I can be a tad slow on the uptake. Sigh...)

  3. Even a subject that is disappearing and dying survives with vitality and energy when you paint it!

    Congratulations on another fine one!

  4. I love the yellows and purples in these muted shades ... this painting has loads of appeal - I'm sure it will sell.

  5. I like this! The colors, composition and the subject are all really good. Can't imagine why it hasn't sold - must be waiting for the perfect person to buy it! It is beautiful!

  6. Nice painting Ralph. It looks like a plant that grew where I grew up in N. Ontario, Canada. You always choose warm colours that I'm attracted to.