Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Sunflower Smiles

Yesterday was a day of some real highs and a low.

High number one was because of all of you who so kindly follow this blog and take the time to make a comment. So many of you did just that and did so in the light of what I had said on the blog. I would love to go through each and make a reply but will in my own way trust me. Sharon learned about “happy sheets” and made me smile because her reaction to them was my own exactly having once filled one in honestly and being identified because of it I never did so again.

Yesterday we made the decision, to change our caravan for a new one and be positive that we will be fit long enough to enjoy it. I gave me such great pleasure to see my wife make ready for this by empty our old one into my car. I never realised how much stuff we had in it. I was sore all over by the time I had carted it to the car. But she is full of the excitement of the thought that a week today we take delivery.

In my joy I came home and vacuumed my car and washed and polished it. I can’t tow a shiny new van with a dirty car. Today the pain of my fall is back and I might need to have a day back on the painkillers.

So I looked out this early floral of mine. I do not know about you but every time I see a sunflower I just want to smile. They make me happy. A fellow blogger very recently showed her painting of a field of sunflowers it is stunning. This is an effort and no more to capture the joy of the sunflower. There is no great story behind it. I painted it, my friend liked it, it hangs on his wall and he tells me often it makes him feel good in the morning. So a success.

In my other blog I speak of a young man and give you an introduction to him. This painting and that story fit together so well as I hope you will agree once you get to know him.

This blog is linked to my other blog where the artwork is used. :-  The True Student


  1. Excellent composition, the viewer's eye is drawn through the painting along the lines of leaves and petals. Like the energy and movmen in brush work and the position of the subject components. You've done very well indeed with limited palette.

  2. Ralph these sunflowers are lovely! (No, I'm not saying that because I feel I must...) It makes me wonder, how you can feel that you can't paint, when you created such a beautiful piece.

    Are you perhaps trying to paint what you think you "should" paint rather than what you want to paint? All things that make you happy and bring out passion are good places to start. (Of course, painting the blog might be a bit challenging...)

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Ah Ralph...that fall really snackered you, I fear. I do so hope and pray that the aches and pains suffered go away for good. How much fun it would be to have a camper and a new one at that! (We call caravans 'campers' here...) Do you two have a trip planned? And I must say that the hang of these sunflowers reminds me quite a bit of some of Van Gogh's sunflower paintings!

  4. Ralph, I love these sunflowers. This painting, like the flowers themselves, make me smile. Great composition

  5. I love your painting of sunflowers. They are so uplifting. You are definately a wonderful painter. I feel as if your paintings have a soul.

  6. Yep, the sunflowers made me smile. I hope you feel better soon.

  7. Lieber Ralph,

    Genau so geht es mir auch, Sonnenblumen Haben Etwas Faszinierendes .. und - Sie Wendener IHR Gesicht Immer der Sonne zu, so Lassen den Schatten Hinter Sich ;-)

    Herzlich, Rachel

  8. Love your sunflowers! :-) The bright yellows and blues are perfect to bring smiles. Hope you feel better SOON!

  9. Great sunflowers Ralph..love the use of complimentary colors and whimsical juxtaposition of them...well done indeed!

  10. Oh Ralph, these are WONDERFUL smiling sunflowers and they really do look like they are waving and smiling and happy! I love sunflowers too (you know that) and how lovely ... you painted them beautifully